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Consider yourself the squeamish type? If so, EA Sports' Fight Night Champion may not be the boxing title for you. Showing why this will be the first M-Rated Fight Night game in the series, EA Sports' newest trailer shows how the brutality of the sport will be represented in its upcoming boxing title and it looks to be a graphic and bloody affair. If you want to be visually rewarded after you pound your opponent into a bloody pulp, then you'll love the carnage on display in Fight Night Champion. The intensity of the punches and the resulting impacts shown in the trailer are stunning. Even the shots to the body resonate in such a way that will make those with weaker reflexes flinch. In order to be fully appreciated, it's better to see the new damage system in action. Check out the 'Damage' trailer here:


You won't be able to spam a particular punch in order to bust your opponent's eyelid wide open, however. In Fight Night Champion, EA Sports is introducing an all-new stamina system, which is split into two categories: endurance and conditioning. Endurance will represent a boxer's maximum stamina over the course of a fight and conditioning will affect the short-term ability to throw punches.

Additionally, the new Regional Anaerobic Fatigue system handles stamina via four separate internal meters for each part of the body: the left arm, right arm, the torso, and the legs. Overusing one part of the body will result in greater fatigue in that area. Veteran players of the Fight Night series may have to learn to mix up their punches a lot more than they were accustomed to. Gameplay Producer, Brian Hayes, explains how these new features will affect the overall experience:


The Fight Night series has been the top boxing franchise for quite awhile and EA Sports appears to be on a mission to take the game to new heights rather than just roll out minor improvements. With the new damage and stamina systems, and the addition of a cinematic story mode, Fight Night Champion is shaping up to be the most impressive boxing game ever made. Let's hope the final product will be more Muhammad Ali and less Michael Spinks.

What do you think about the new Damage and Stamina systems?

Fight Night Champion breaks your nose on March 1, 2011, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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