Publisher EA says that FIFA will be playable on the Nintendo Switch at its EA Play E3 event in June. While gameplay footage has been shown, this will be the first time players will have a chance to go hands on with the game on Nintendo’s new console.

FIFA won’t have a spot on the actual E3 game floor, because EA is forgoing a traditional press conference and presence at the actual convention. Instead EA will repeat what the publisher did last year, hosting a three-day show over the weekend prior to E3 that is open to public and allows people to play a number of the games coming later this year from EA.

Interestingly, the FIFA game for the Switch is being called EA SPORTS FIFA for the Switch rather than FIFA 18, which is labeled separately as being also available to play at EA Play. That could reignite some old fears that FIFA on the Switch will not be the full FIFA 18 experience or possibly a port of an older version of FIFA.

Peter Moore Confirms FIFA Will Be Custom-Built for Nintendo Switch - FIFA goal shot

However, EA has said that FIFA is being custom-built for the Switch and that it would in fact be FIFA 18, to be released alongside FIFA 18 on the other current gen consoles. Some of those questions are sure to be answered when gamers are actually able to play the game in just a few weeks.

Anyone can play FIFA on the Switch at EA Play, as it is free and open to the public. Those interested in going just need to register for the event in order to attend. EA Play is at the Palladium in Hollywood and runs from Saturday, June 10th through Monday, June 12th. Other games at the show also include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Madden NFL 18, and NBA LIVE 18.

FIFA will be the only Switch game at EA Play this year. However, that will change in years to come as EA recently said it is looking at bringing more games from its library to the Switch.

FIFA on the Switch will be available later this year.

Source: EA