FIFA 20 Career Mode Will Have Female Coaches and Customization

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FIFA 20 is just over a month away, and excited fans are currently prepping for the game by petitioning for the skilled Megan Rapinoe the FIFA 20 cover star. Now more details have been revealed that are likely to add to fan excitement, which include greater diversity in the Career Mode's coach customization options and actions that can impact the player's chosen team.

In previous FIFA iterations, the coach customization options in Career Mode were very limited in that players were limited to choosing from a small number of coaches. Moreover, these coaches were not very diverse either, as they were often of caucasian descent. This is changing in FIFA 20.

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FIFA 20 is set to have a large degree of customization options for soccer coaches, most notably including the ability to choose a female Manager Avatar. Additionally, players can their manager's customize various facial features, outfit, and other details.

FIFA 20 Manager Avatar options

EA has outlined a number of other changes coming to FIFA 20, including the Player Morale System. The players' morale ultimately affects their performance on the soccer field and is determined by factors like exchanges in press conferences, wages, and the general effectiveness of the team. Thus, FIFA 20 players will want to keep their players' morale high for the best possible outcomes.

Seasonal performance will also be a huge factor in overall skill. If a player performs well in one season, they are likely to improve their skills even further in the next season. Overall, EA is going for a stated "dynamic" approach where players will evolve over time and add a certain degree of immersion to the experience already enjoyed by many FIFA fans around the globe.

This is all likely exciting news for existing FIFA fans. Between the previous announcement of FIFA 20's introduction of a FIFA Street-style game mode known as VOLTA and the newest details regarding FIFA 20, EA is looking to expand the FIFA franchise in a significant way. For any players looking for greater customization and diversity, as well as a more engaging experience, they may well receive that with the next iteration of the FIFA franchise.

FIFA 20 will release September 27, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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