FIFA 18 Patch Makes Changes to Shooting and Goalkeeping

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Last Friday, EA Sports dropped FIFA 18, the latest installment in its perennially popular take on the beautiful game. Already, the developer has issued a patch that takes care of some of the irksome issues that players have noticed over the past few days.

In terms of gameplay, the biggest edit is the fact that shooting is a little more difficult, and goalkeepers are a bit more skillful. FIFA 18 has been criticized by some fans for how easy it is to score, so this should help make the final result of matches a little bit more realistic.

While high-scoring games might make for good bragging rights between friends, it does take away from FIFA's status as the premier soccer simulation on consoles. With Pro Evolution Soccer undergoing something of a resurgence in recent years, it's no surprise that EA Sports doesn't want to stray too far into arcade action and alienate its audience.

Other changes include a tweak to Career Mode, which allows players to delegate contract renewals. It's also possible to renegotiate a player's contract after their release clause has already been paid off.

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An exploit being used to gain an unfair advantage in Ultimate Team has also been removed from the game. Players were switching to the goalkeeper and allowing the computer to control the other ten players to complete the game, but this is no longer possible.

EA has also made a minor edit to online play that should make the game a little more user-friendly — the logic used to determine which kit colors clash with one another has been improved, meaning that it should be a little less difficult to tell one team and your opponent's apart. The goal net animations have been improved upon as well.

The update is available now on the PC, and will be hitting consoles soon, although it's currently unknown whether the Switch version of the game will keep pace, given that it's slightly different. In any case, football fans playing that iteration of the game will be more eager to hear word of an update introducing online multiplayer with friends, an option that isn't currently available on the Switch.

FIFA 18 is available now for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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