Now that Cristiano Ronaldo is gracing FIFA 18 as its cover athlete, it only makes sense that EA Sports continues to build into the superstar’s brand. Not only does Cristiano have his signature freekick pose along with very detailed scans of both his body and movements, but now players can recreate his signature goal celebration in FIFA 18 as well. For the unaware, when Cristiano scores he often runs, jumps up in the air with a turn, and plants his feet with his hands at his side. This is exactly what FIFA 18 does – with an ¬†unexpected bonus.

Cristiano is infamous for his tendency to yell ‘si!’, even when the moment doesn’t really call for it. The EA Sports team behind his celebration figured he may as well be saying his signature catchphrase during his signature celebration, but unfortunately, something didn’t translate: Cristiano sounds really, really weird in the game when it all comes together. This has been documented by journalist Wesley Yin-Poole, who equates the sound emanating from the superstar to that of a wild boar.

If we had to take any guesses, we’d say the off-key si is going to immediately become a fan-favorite in online play, so gamers who concede goals should expect themselves to be quickly buried underneath a pile of si celebrations and the occasional dab. Yin-Poole explained that all he had to do to trigger the celebration was pressing A on Xbox One (X for PlayStation 4) after scoring with Ronaldo, a strong indicator that the celebration will be locked to the Real Madrid legend exclusively – saving many a gamer from a si-tsunami (of course, that’s also assuming it isn’t available via catalog purchase).

Cristiano may be the leading man for FIFA 18, but he’s not the only player EA Sports has been hyping of late. The studio is bringing back its cinematic storyline mode called The Journey, which will now follow the next stage of fictional player Alex Hunter’s career. The young Englishman is now headed overseas, and the story-based mode promises to deliver plenty of high-profile cameo appearances from professional athletes – though only time will tell if Cristiano will perform his trademark celebration here, too.

FIFA 18 releases on September 29 for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Source: EuroGamer