FIFA 17 Guide: How To Dab


Fancy showing off a world class goal in FIFA 17 with a very special celebration? Check out this guide for how to pull off the Paul Pogba-approved Dab and celebrate in style.

Even though FIFA 17 is full of plenty of hidden talent, as shown by the best young players in Career Mode, sometimes it just feels right to go for one of the ready-made stars within the game. One of the most high profile players in the world at the moment is Paul Pogba. Fresh from a highly-publicized move from Juventus to Manchester United, Pogba is renowned for his skill and power - as well as his signature celebration, the Dab.

However, it's not only Pogba in FIFA 17 who is able to pull off this excellent celebration. Indeed, any old player is able to take on the move - although it's perhaps best left for world class wonder-strikes as opposed to a run of the mill tap-in. Much like the other celebrations open to players in the game, all it takes is knowledge of the right combination of buttons to press post-goal.

Although there's a little variation from device to device, the general combination remains the same. For PS4 and PS3 gamers, hold down R1 and then tap the triangle button twice. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller users, hold RB and double tap the Y button. Simply input that after the player has scored a goal, and they will pull off the Dab with gusto.


As always, being able to grab some goals worthy of pulling off the Dab revolves entirely around having a squad good enough to take down opposing teams with ease. Thankfully, EA Sports has provided users with its usual offering of player ratings to make sure that wannabe managers know exactly who to sign. Recently, the developer even discussed exactly how players are rated, with EA Sports using a 9,000 member network of data reviewers to gather first-hand information on players' strengths and weaknesses.

Alongside the current popular forms of play in FIFA 17, such as Ultimate Team and the game's in-depth Career Mode, users also have a brand new mode to play with this time around. The Journey, which was initially revealed by way of an E3 2016 trailer, takes gamers on a story mode of sorts, taking over the role of young player Alex Hunter on his quest to become a regular in the Premier League. The game mode was also made part of FIFA 17's demo, and now that the game has launched many users are checking it out with added curiosity.

That said, nothing quite beats taking on friends with FIFA games, and the feeling of scoring a last-minute, long-range winner is one of a kind. Now that players are able to use the Dab, that sense of satisfaction is going to feel all the sweeter.

FIFA 17 is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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