FIFA 17 Guide: How to Get Skill Points


Looking for how best to get Skill Points in FIFA 17? Look no further than this guide, which reveals what you need to know to get the most out of Skill Points from Pro Clubs play.

Although FIFA 17 has plenty of new bells and whistles to occupy players, such as the game's story-based The Journey mode, it's unlikely to be long before gamers return to what makes them such huge fans of the FIFA series. The franchise is renowned for its delivery of solid multiplayer, and many players find a lot of joy out of the series' Pro Clubs game mode. After all, what's not to like about taking on others from around the world with a personal pro?

However, like many other aspects of FIFA 17, Pro Clubs has had something of an overhaul from EA Sports this time around. In particular, the game's developers have tried to switch up the way in which users are able to develop their own player, in an attempt to give a more comprehensive and fresh way to play the game. However, this may lead to a bit of confusion from fans of the series who had gotten used to the way in which the system used to work.

Thankfully, help is at hand for any of those who want to know how to built their player up fast. As a general rule, FIFA 17 Pro Clubs players will want to bear in mind the following when it comes to getting Skill Points; win as many Pro Clubs League and Cup Matches as you can, get high ratings, and get Man of the Match often. In particular, gamers will need to make sure that they are playing League Matches and Cup Matches, rather than simply drop-ins - that's where the Skill Points are earned.

That's all well and good - and perhaps what players would expect - but EA Sports has also advised that there is an increase in Skill Points for players who adhere to acting like a team player. This means that players will need to be a little more careful when playing. After all, it's all well and good getting an overall level up, but Skills Points are really where Pro Clubs players should be aiming for FIFA 17, in order to equip Traits.

So, to make the most out of the play, it's good to think about exactly what's best for the team: keeping possession, making calm and sensible tackles, completing passes, and sticking to a solid position. Bagging goals and assists where possible is also a given, and to help with that it's worth picking out Traits carefully for the kind of play you want to partake in. In particular, it's worth thinking about the Finesse Shot Trait if playing as a Striker, as it makes getting more Skill Points that much easier.

This is far from the only change that EA Sports has made to FIFA this time around, however. As always, the game's roster has seen an update, with a whole new load of the best young players for FIFA 17's Career Mode to be picked up by future-focused managers. However, not all of the stat upgrades have been well-received, with Rio Ferdinand apparently less than happy about some of his Ultimate Team stats in this iteration of the game.

Hopefully, this will have given a good overview on how to pick up more Skill Points to help with player progression in FIFA 17's Pro Clubs. Once more, be sure to play League and Cup Matches, and always think about how to get the best overall rating; after all, although there's always time to do the Dab in FIFA 17, sometimes it's worth going for the win.

Source: EA Sports

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