Xbox One gamers who have yet to test their skills in FIFA 17 will now have a chance to kick off at no charge, as the EA Sports title is now available for several Free Play Days. The no-charge trial period runs from June 1 to June 5, giving gamers free reign over the weekend to test out everything from career mode to how many dabs they can doll out with their star player in Ultimate Team.

To compliment the free trial run, Microsoft has slashed the price of FIFA 17 (and its respective deluxe edition) by 50%, while the highest-tier Super Deluxe edition gets a 30% price drop. This means that gamers looking to pick up the base game will only shell out $20, while those looking to start with a metaphorical boatload of FIFA points will pay $62.99. Those points can be used to do things like buy card packs in Ultimate Team, which has become the bread and butter for the bulk of EA’s microtransactions.


The latest FIFA release also introduced a series-first storyline mode called The Journey, which followed the burgeoning career of a young English man named Alex Hunter. Through a series of cutscenes and a simplistic conversation system, players interact with high-profile footballers as Alex pursues his dreams on and off the pitch. It’s expected that FIFA 18 will expand upon the system FIFA 17 put in place, though it’s not currently known if the next FIFA will continue Alex’s story, or start a new one.

FIFA 17 made some progressive changes to its tried-and-true annual formula, and football fans will likely find it a bargain at $20. In any event, the string of free play days should give any gamer ample time to decide whether the game is right for them. All progress and achievements made during the free trial will be carried forward if players choose to purchase the game at any point, which is a nice touch for those who put some time in career mode.

Have you picked up FIFA 17 yet, Ranters? If not, do you plan to give it a trial run?

FIFA 17 is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.