E3 2016: FIFA 17 Trailers Show Off Story Mode and New Features

fifa 17 e3 2016 trailer

FIFA 17 receives a pair of trailers during EA's E3 2016 presentation, showing off the soccer game's new features and an intriguing new gameplay mode known as The Journey.

Many gamers will have been hoping for more news on a number of high-profile titles from EA's E3 2016 presentation, and thankfully there were at least some details released over the course of the publisher's show. Mass Effect: Andromeda received an intriguing behind-the-scenes video, while Titanfall 2 got a brand new multiplayer gameplay trailer. However, these games were not alone in EA's focus, with FIFA 17 also receiving some considerable screen time.

The soccer sim is one of the longest-running franchises around, and by this point plenty of fans expect mere evolutions to the tried-and-tested formula of the series. However, EA Sports certainly seems to have something new in store for players with FIFA 17. As it turns out, the next iteration of the franchise is going to include a brand new gameplay mode known as The Journey.

This new mode seems to focus on a single character, an up-and-coming player called Alex Hunter. As Hunter, the user is given the choice of any of the 20 English Premier League clubs, and is tasked with becoming a permanent fixture in the team's line-up, bringing success in his wake. A full trailer for this mode can be seen in the video below.


To make matters seem even more authentic, FIFA 17 will be receiving managers for all Premier League clubs, meaning that Hunter will be able to work with some of the most recognizable managers in the sport. Overall, gamers may expect this new FIFA mode to work in a similar way to the story modes of the NBA 2K series, with on-pitch actions helping to adjust the way in which Hunter's story plays out.

Those interested in the more traditional FIFA gameplay were also rewarded with a trailer for their trouble. Promising that players will be able to "own every moment," FIFA 17 is going to be receiving a physical play overhaul, as well as an active intelligence system for off-the-ball play and new attacking techniques. This trailer is ready to watch at the bottom of this article.

The addition of a story mode to the standard FIFA formula is certainly an eyebrow-raising one. FIFA 16 added a slight variation on gameplay through giving users the ability to play as female soccer teams of the first time, with Alex Morgan taking one of the cover spots, but this seems like a much larger change to the series' gameplay. Hopefully, more will be revealed regarding this feature over the coming months, so gamers can get an even greater understanding of what's in store.


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