‘FIFA 15’ Gets Every Premier League Stadium; 200+ Scanned Player Faces

By | 2 years ago 

FIFA 15 is poised to up the ante in regards to realism in football, and with their efforts to do so, it looks like fans of the Barclay’s Premier League will have even more to cheer about soon. After a quick hint this morning, EA Sports announced they have put every Premier League team’s stadium into the game, fully fleshed out in 3D with crowds which will shout local chants.

Along with this, the developer has also captured over 200 new Premier League player faces to scan into the game, presenting a truly immersive and realistic experience within FIFA 15.

Scanning player faces into the game for more accurate 3D models isn’t new to the FIFA franchise, but it is something usually reserved for the international stars. With over 200 scans confirmed, it seems like each team will have the majority of their squads scanned into the game, though some reserve and youth players were likely skipped to save costs.

This marks the first FIFA game built for next-generation consoles from the ground-up, which has resulted in some gorgeous visuals – we’re very excited to see how this update impacts gameplay.

Bringing the company’s Feel The Game hashtag back into the forefront, EA Sports has released several photos of what its new realistic player face scanning system looks like when converted into the game, and the results are certainly impressive — the 3D reincarnations are spot-on.

One of the main themes of the new FIFA 15 game has been an authentic experience driven by on-field player emotions, and these enhancements will certainly bring that out for those choosing to play in the top-tier of english football. There’s no doubt there will be a large surge with players opting to venture to the BPL in both Career Mode and Online Play, which will no doubt leave fans of their leagues yearning for a similar update in their neck of the woods — though EA Sports hasn’t commented on whether they’ll bring such an update to any other league yet.

The massive support for Premier League teams will likely sting fans of Fulham, a popular club which has stayed in the Premier League since 2001, but was relegated to the Football Championship last season — meaning they’ll miss out on the authentic stadium and player faces. As the saying goes, there’s always next year, right?

What do you think about the authentic stadiums and player faces, Ranters? Is there another league you wish EA Sports would focus on instead?


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