'FIFA 15' Nets a Massive Goalkeeper Update

FIFA 15 Goalkeepers


FIFA 15 is already poised to offer the most realistic and emotional experience the series has ever seen, with new gameplay being based off of player emotions, realistic pitch environments with a complete overhaul for the Barclay's Premier League. EA Sports has now announced an update for goalkeepers in FIFA 15, which should impact the gameplay in a big way.

As part of their realism update, gamers will now see goalkeepers interact a lot more with their squad. Players will dole out high-fives and pats on the shoulder after great saves, but goalkeepers can react angrily to shoddy defending or letting in weak goals. Considering their interactions before were mostly limited to 'standing back up after diving', these new interactions will help FIFA 15 feel a lot more authentic and natural. We're not saying Tim Krul is going to yell at everyone taking a penalty, but goalkeepers will certainly step up their game.

Goalkeepers will also get a massive update when it comes to their save animations, allowing them to leap to acrobat saves and perform a variety of different slides, dives and tackles. They'll look and move a lot more life-like and we've no doubt players will enjoy seeing their goalkeepers pump their arms after a great leaping save.

FIFA 15 Goalkeepers

Gamers who still haven't picked up an Xbox One might be interested in the upcoming FIFA 15 console bundle deal, which grants them a digital token for FIFA 15 and an Ultimate Team Legends Gold Pack. Ultimate Team is also scoring tons of new updates this year, with features like friendly seasons which allow gamers to play casually with friends and track their progress for bragging rights.

Ultimate Teams can also loan players for a limited number of games to see how they would mesh in their squad interface, and a new Concept Squads screen allows gamers to plan out their decks in advance with the full catalog of FIFA players.


Meanwhile, FIFA World is making waves as the free-to-play alternative for PC players in its second year. With a new engine coming out later this year, the game is focusing on allowing gamers with lower-end computers to be able to play without lag, opening the series up to a larger market of fans. With over 3 and a half million registrations in the last year, it's a great way for players without the latest FIFA title to enjoy playing with up-to-date squads and competitions.

With EA Sports already working on FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, we're very excited to see what new features the future holds for the series.

FIFA 15 is scheduled for a September 23rd release date on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.


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Source: EA Sports

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