‘FIFA 15’ Trailer Invites You to ‘Feel The Game’

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It was expected that EA Sports would introduce the world to the latest iteration of the FIFA series during their conference at E3 2014, and the company delivered with a trailer reminiscent of their “Beautiful Game” speech from 2006. Combining live-action video and later transitioning into some gorgeous next-generation visuals, the FIFA 15 trailer is sure to excite fans of the series – even if it doesn’t show off many new aspects of actual gameplay. Instead, it shines light on the fresh visual cues which should light up the atmosphere when the game comes out this September.

The trailer emphasizes the emotional reactions of players to referee calls, goals and the atmosphere of the crowd. With a tagline like “feel the game,” it’s no surprise that EA Sports has focused on the dramatic atmosphere of each game to make every match feel unique.

David Rutter, the executive producer of FIFA 15, revealed today that that is exactly what EA Sports will be aiming for with this year’s FIFA:

We want our fans to feel the highs and lows of the drama that is football, and experience the emotional rollercoaster that plays out during a match. We’re now able to immerse you in the game and let the story of the match unfold based on new commentary, crowd activity, and the natural reactions of the players.

FIFA 15 Debut Trailer

Players, depending on their personalities, now have plenty of subtle gestures that will help build atmosphere in a match. Teammates may clap at a good effort in the first half, but keep squandering those chances and they may begin to start throwing their arms up in frustration when players miss again – or yell when you should’ve passed the ball. With over 600 new emotional responses, players on the pitch will certainly make their reactions noticed.

EA Sports evidently heard that not all fans were pleased with how the custom celebrations played out in FIFA 14, which often left 9 players standing akwardly around while 2 players celebrate. The cutscenes now include 10 man celebrations, creating a feeling of unity and energy – and less of the awkward bystander clapping.

New kit physics are expected to really show off the conditions of the pitch, with mud getting tracked onto kits and rain once again leaving them glistening as they move about. The gritty details of a muddied player yelling at the referee should add a great feel to the game – and we’re excited to see what it has to offer.

Game Rant E3 2014 Live Coverage

FIFA 15 will release on September 23rd in North America and September 25th in Europe, for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC.

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