‘FIFA 15’ Bug Leads to Hilarious Chaos on PC

By | 2 years ago 

It seems like with every new iteration of FIFA comes a new unexpected, but totally hilarious, series of bugs. A few years back, the series’ Impact Engine created some of the most bizarre collisions, and re-collisions, that we’ve ever seen, whereas last year’s FIFA 14 took a decidedly more serious turn when it started crashing Xbox Ones.

For FIFA 15, however, players on PC have started to notice an even more curious bug – one that, while odd, actually captures the spirit of Pee Wee soccer. Check it out in the video above.

As readers can see, the FIFA 15 bug forces the player’s AI opponents and teammates to charge towards the ball no matter where it is on the field. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a striker, a defender, or even a goalkeeper; every single player chases the ball like a mindless 3-year-old.

And while this bug is good for a laugh or two, it doesn’t significantly impact gameplay. Facing a keeper-less goal makes it easy for the player to score, but conversely it makes it easy for them to be scored on as well. Luckily, the bug is relegated to the PC version of the game (as far as we know), and even then there’s no guarantee it will occur during every match. Most players have found that simply reloading the match does the trick.

FIFA 15 Bug

Obviously, EA Sports is already hard at work on a patch, and thankfully the issue isn’t as prevalent as the collision problems seen in FIFA‘s past. We wouldn’t be surprised to see EA Sports poke fun at the bug, though, much like they did with the tiny player bug in Madden NFL 15.

And despite the admittedly chuckle-worthy bug, FIFA 15 is still scoring very well with critics, who applaud the game’s polish and its ability to innovate on new platforms. We’re hard at work on our own review of the game, and should be posting that within the week.

For now, FIFA fans can enjoy something a little odd, and slightly nostalgic, in their soccer/football experience. FIFA has yet to fail us when it comes to GIF-worthy glitches, and at this point we almost expect them.

Have you encountered this FIFA 15 bug? Are there any strange bugs you’ve seen in the game?

FIFA 15 is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.