EA Sports has just unleashed a new trailer for FIFA 13 that unfortunately doesn’t show off any new gameplay improvements or nifty features, but does show how the game will represent Manchester City’s new home uniforms. These home jerseys, or kits as they’re referred to in the same parts of the world that still call it football, are of a snazzy light blue variety and feature a nice wealth of brand advertising — a given on nearly ever mid to top level team’s kit.

It’s a strange event, when a major video game like FIFA 13 reveals a team’s new jersey, but it’s not unheard of. Well ahead of the NFL season, football fans can expect to see Madden NFL 13 virtual players sporting the new Nike-designed jerseys.

And, if you’re a Manchester City fan, you can see the jerseys in all of their HD glory this Friday, when Man. City plays Arsenal in a friendly in Beijing, China. There you’ll be able to see superstars like David Silva and Samir Nasri, two of the players in the trailer, rocking the light blue kits.

Since most of the scene, which focuses on a mis-direction fueled free kick, plays out in the game’s more dynamic camera angles it gives fans a chance to see some of the graphical improvements that have been made to the players’ faces. It’s only a marginal improvement compared to last year’s iteration, but still looks pretty great.

FIFA 13 Manchester City Kit Trailer

What we do know about FIFA 13‘s new features comes from our preview of the game at E3 2012, and EA Sports’ brief talk about Kinect-fueled features. There’s the promise of an improved AI and better dribbling, but all of those are surface improvements, ones that are made year-to-year.

The real question is what new mode or feature will be the one that makes FIFA 13 stand out above the rest. It could be the Kinect stuff, but our guess is EA Sports still has plenty to reveal.

What do you think of Manchester City’s new home kits? Will you be watching the side take on Arsenal this Friday?

FIFA 13 releases September 25, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: EA Sports (YouTube)