Much like FIFA 12’s physics engine has now outpaced Madden’s so will the soccer franchise usher in the era of the PlayStation Move with its next iteration, FIFA 13. But, unlike many gamers’ preconceived notions of the move, FIFA 13’s support for the peripheral will not be classified in the “gimmick” category.

Instead EA Sports are actually taking a long hard look at the peripheral — learning from other’s missteps — and trying to develop something that preserves the twitch-based gameplay we love in FIFA. This isn’t going to be a one-on-one affair, like you’d find in Wii Sports, this is going to be the traditional 11 vs. 11 soccer matches EA Sports does so well, only with a motion-controlled twist.

While I’m sure FIFA fans’ brains, aside from spouting red steam, are running through possible applications for the Move, I wouldn’t get too worked up over the issue until EA Sports starts discussing it in full. Move support has been promised for plenty of titles before, like during Sony’s NBA 2K12 presentation at E3, but then has been placed on the back burner.

Not to say it wouldn’t be cool to experience FIFA with motion control — sports games are probably the most apropos venue for the peripheral — it’s just that FIFA is such a pure experience. It’s so pure in fact that oftentimes EA Sports devotes one year’s iteration to simply improving AI and collisions, something that would be unheard for a single player title.

After spending considerable time with the most recent iteration (look for the review very soon), I can vouch for the need to give some variety to the gameplay. There are still those minor animation and control tweaks that are necessary, but the core of FIFA has never been more solid. As such I think Move might be something to give FIFA fans something new to experience — break up the pace, if you will.

So, gamers may believe you when told that the Move support won’t be a gimmick EA, but don’t expect them to approve. We’re a long ways off from that.

How do you feel about Move support in FIFA 13? Do you think it’s possible to include motion control in a hardcore sports title and not have it be a gimmick?

FIFA 12 is out now for the PS3, PS2, PC, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Source: CVG