At this year’s E3 among the many Kinect-focused demonstrations that took place during Microsoft’s Press Conference was a demonstration of FIFA 13‘s new Kinect integration that allows players to cuss at refs after a bad call. The implementation itself felt more like a gimmick than anything else, but nevertheless EA Sports has released a trailer further hyping up the feature.

Along with the new referee reaction feature, the trailer also highlights some of the more useful Kinect-based mechanics, like being able to call subs or switch formations on the fly. Seasoned FIFA players will know that subbing out players is a minor inconvenience, but being able to do it ostensibly without menus could keep the pace of play going.

For the game’s ‘Be a Pro’ mode, as well, gamers will now be able to control other player actions through their voice. Rather than a simple button press, the gamer can call out “pass to me” in order to coordinate a more competent attack. Like was said before, it’s still something that can easily be done using buttons, but it makes the concepts more approachable for the casual crowd.

On the surface, the Kinect integration for FIFA 13 looks useful, but for the more hardcore players it could be too much of a hindrance. And unfortunately, that’s where this Kinect support rests, somewhere between the hardcore and the casual.

Casual players aren’t going to care about subbing players out, or altering formations on the fly, and hardcore players who have been rising through the ranks of ‘Be a Pro’ regularly could care less about being able to cuss at referees or having to call out a specific command rather than just press a button.

FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer

Much like any Kinect-based integration for an EA Sports title, these new FIFA 13 features aren’t exactly a godsend, but they could do well to keep things interesting. We’ll have to see for sure when the game releases in September.

What do you think of the Kinect features for FIFA 13? How should EA Sports have used Microsoft’s motion controller?

FIFA 13 releases September 25, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: EA Sports – YouTube