While Madden typically occupies a certain retail prominence in the US, on a global scale it’s tough to beat FIFA. Last year’s iteration, FIFA 11, was a record-breaking launch, but FIFA 12 has already shattered that number.

Reportedly selling through an estimated 3.2 million across all consoles, FIFA 12 currently sits as the biggest video game launch of 2011 — even beating out Gears of War 3, which had racked up a ton of pre-orders. Of course these numbers are across all consoles and all countries, taking full advantage of FIFA 12’s global appeal.

EA Sports is obviously very pleased by these impressive numbers, and plans to keep track and further flesh out the sales statistics as the year goes on. (It’s also important to mention some heavy hitters like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 have yet to release: two titles that will make a run for FIFA 12’s achievement.)

On top of that Electronic Arts revealed some in-game facts including the top supported club (through the new EA Sports Football Club social experience) to be none other than Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United. Coming in a distant second was FC Barcelona, home to arguably the greatest current player in soccer. And, unfortunately no US clubs even came close.

One indication of FIFA 12’s popularity overseas rather than at home was the fact that October 1, 2011, one day after the global launch of the game, was the busiest day of online gaming in EA Sports history with ten million online game sessions. That number includes eight million FIFA 12 game sessions with NHL 12 and Madden NFL 12 taking the other two million.

Our experience with FIFA 12 showed it to be absolutely one of the best sports titles of 2011 and perhaps the best FIFA yet. New additions like Pro Player Intelligence and an improved impact engine helped keep the game running smooth and playing beautifully. It is no surprise that this title sold so well.

Did you contribute to the record-breaking FIFA 12 numbers by picking up the game? Is FIFA 12 2011’s top sports game?

FIFA 12 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, and Wii.