FIFA 12 demo video leaks

EA Sports have kept a pretty tight lid on FIFA 12 so far, with only one official release of information for the console versions and one for the 3DS.

However, all that changed earlier today when a leaked FIFA 12 video surfaced on YouTube – containing a demonstration reel that presents a plethora of new features which are sure to excite the fans.

From demonstrating the new and gorgeous looking “Impact Engine” to showcasing tactical turning maneuvers that players will be able to pull-off in tight spots, the video presents a mix of both simplified 3D non-textured players, demonstrating the basics, and some in-game footage that runs very smoothly.

The Impact Engine itself is shown in the latter half of the video, revealing everything from new tackle physics to dynamic pushes and pulls.

Without further ado, you can check out the nearly ten minute FIFA 12 demonstration below:


The tactical turning radius is sure to attract a lot of attention, as being able to properly pull-off some well timed turns and moves will definitely change the pace of your a typical¬†FIFA game – enabling a skillful twist to turn into a truly game-changing moment. Likewise, having the AI properly defend against these new possibilities is going to be important as well – clubs are going to want more than one player to try to close down Cristiano when he’s dodging his way through the field.

Additionally, The Impact Engine will be one of the most visually pleasing and dynamic additions to this generation of FIFA – as you can see in the video, the collisions have a fresh and unpredictable aspect to them that simply haven’t been in any of the past FIFA games. We’re certainly used to seeing the same tumbles and rolls all over again, so watching players getting caught between others and taking some new trips is going to make it a more realistic and refreshing experience.

The new features in video certainly speaks for themselves – now that the leak is out, it’s likely that the full high quality version will be released in the near future – and we can truly take a look in some glorious high-definition. For now, though, it certainly looks like the features are well polished and we’ll be seeing a lot of dynamic action on the pitch this fall.

What do you think about the leaked FIFA 12 video? Are you excited for the new features? Were you impressed by them?

FIFA 12 currently has no release date but is likely to to arrive on shelves in the usual October window for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, 3DS and PSP.