FIFA 12 E3 Gameplay Trailer Details New Features

EA Sports has been ramping up anticipation for the upcoming FIFA 12 game, whether intentionally or not. The game is set to bring a lot more realism and dynamic physics into the series – getting rid of the long-standing problems of repetitive animations.

With E3 2011 coming up in just a few days, they’ve just released a one-minute teaser video that offers fans a short summary of new goodies that FIFA 12 will have available.

The video showcases most of the new features, which focus on the physics, as players collide and react to people moving in close-quarters around them. Intense, short-area movement of the ball has been fine-tuned in FIFA 12, so expect a lot of trickery and flair in what would have been otherwise predictable scenarios – in the earlier FIFA games.

The video itself is comprised of actual in-game footage, so take a look at the action and judge for yourself:

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There’s no doubt that the game itself is easy on the eyes – the pitch and players look great. The only noticeable draw-back, the crowd is still relatively featureless in animation – not to mention jumping in awkward unison during the “Precision Dribbling” goal. A minor complaint to be sure – the video is smooth and entertaining where it counts.

Tactical Defending is going to be a good addition, as the AI is often lacking in that department. Hopefully you’ll see players slide in to block shots more – as featured in the video. Playing online makes one thing clear: good blocks can make or break the tide of a game – it’s nice to see emphasis on that area in the trailer.

The game itself is has no official release date, which is likely to be announced at the EA Press Conference in a few days. If past years are any indication, the game should be arriving in stores around early-to-mid October.

FIFA 12 demo video leaks

What do you think about the video? Are you excited to witness any of the new gameplay additions in particular? We’ll keep you posted as EA Sports reveals more information on the game as it nears release!

FIFA 12 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and PSP. This year, the 3DS is also getting some unique features of its own – so mobile gamers should be sure to check out that option before making a decision on which format to purchase.