EA Developer Reveals That 'FIFA 12' Is Coming To The NGP

FIFA 12 Coming to NGP EA Developer Reveals

Sony's new entry into the handheld market the NGP may still be holding plenty of secrets where backwards-compatibility and console connectivity are concerned, but apparently one more title can be added to the list of games coming to the device. It seems that publisher Electronic Arts is a confirmed supporter of the newest platform after all, with FIFA 12 apparently under development for the NGP/PSP2.

The confirmation comes courtesy of an EA Engineer's LinkedIn profile, where he revealed that the soccer title was being developed for the PSP2 as well as other platforms. EA didn't appear on the official list of NGP developers that was previously released, so in case you were worried that your favorite sports titles would be left out, you can relax.

The profile implies that for now, only the European and Asian SKUs for FIFA 12 can be confirmed, so while a North American launch may seem likely there is a slight chance that those on the west side of the Atlantic may have a longer wait ahead of them. So with a major sports title being released on yet another sports console, we have to wonder: what does that mean for cross-platform play?

Sony has shown that they aren't against the idea if there's a strong enough incentive, given Portal 2's steam connectivity, and we know that the NGP is capable of some stunning visuals. So with the ability to play the same sports title on two of Sony's devices, it would make sense for the company to make the most out of their possibilities.

FIFA 12 PSP2 LinkedIn Profile

Playing through an entire season of football in Madden 11 is one thing, but completing an 82-game season in NHL 11, or the massive 15-season Career Mode in FIFA 11 is a major proposition.

Being able to take your progression on the move with you - even if that meant somewhat reduced game features - would be an attractive proposition to many serious fans. In the event that players would be required to purchase the game for each console, there is still a good chance that many would jump at the chance.

What are your thoughts on increased interaction between the same games on Sony's two platforms? Do you really believe that the PSP2 will be able to push the graphics of the PS3? And if that's the case, should Sony make fans purchase the rights to access their game on more than one of their devices? Let us know in the comments.

We'll have to wait for any official announcements, but fans of FIFA 12 just got one big reason to give the PSP2/NGP a very serious look.

Source: : LinkedIn (via VGHG)

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