Hot on the heels of EA Sports’ reveal of Wayne Rooney as a global FIFA 12 cover athlete, the developer/publisher have released a new trailer focusing on what some notable sites are saying about the game. After a great showing at this year’s E3, FIFA 12 solidified its deserved spot as the must-have soccer title year-to-year.

After getting our hands on the game, it was plain to see that this was a conscious effort to step away from the bells and whistles of the FIFA franchise (there are those two) and keep the focus on the soccer.

It’s no surprise that FIFA 12 would be receiving high praise coming out of E3 — the game’s presentation left soccer fans salivating. Claims like FIFA 12 being the “best soccer game yet” also ring true for several reasons, most notably the impact engine and pro player intelligence.

Using these two new features, EA Sports can craft an experience that, if gamers simply put the controller down and watched, would closely mirror a true soccer match. The ways in which AI-controlled opponents approach players is all determined by the skill of the attacker and the defender.

And then, once those players do collide or fight for possession of the ball, the revamped impact engine steps in to help eliminate those nasty clipping issues that have plagued sports games since their inception. It’s the little touches that make FIFA 12 a highly anticipated title.

Check out some of the kind words our colleagues said about FIFA 12 coming out of E3 along with some footage of the game in action:


Don’t be fooled by claims that FIFA 12 doesn’t do enough to make this iteration worth picking up — this is the FIFA experience football fans have been waiting for. It feels right, it looks right, and often times you might mistake the game’s animations for real life. You aren’t going to want to miss FIFA 12.

What do you think of FIFA 12 so far? Do you think that EA Sports is doing enough to warrant a purchase for this year’s iteration?

FIFA 12 releases September 27, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and PS2.