FIFA 11 'Stamina and Fatigue' Trailer Wears Me Out


When gamers step out onto the pitch of FIFA 11, whether as Landon Donovan, Kaka or another player of your choice, EA Sports wants to ensure that the experience is the same that gamers have become accustomed to. In addition, they also want to add a few tweaks to the overall gameplay that mirror a player's actual experience more closely.

Released today is a new trailer showcasing the impact that stamina and fatigue will have on each sports star as they sprint and recover while on the pitch:


EA Sports has never taken a laid back approach to their games. They are always trying to push the hardware in minute ways in order to give gamers an experience that simulates playing the actual sport as much as possible. While your average gamer is much more inclined to mash the sprint button as they run an opposing player down, an experienced FIFA veteran can now make better use of the player who has greater stamina to avoid the player who is wearing down. The idea of player fatigue is not something altogether new, but depending on how EA Sports chooses to utilize this feature could add new layers to an already rich experience.

FIFA 11 is doing all it can to improve on each year's previous iteration and to be number one in gamers' hearts. The new 11 vs. 11 'be a goalie' online variant could be just what the franchise needs, though it could also cause some serious frustration. But FIFA hasn't never been a game that relies heavily on its online mode. I, for one, enjoy creating my own pro and bringing them up in the Premier League until they become the next Lionel Messi. Ever since FIFA lost its grip on the soccer genre when Winning Eleven was released, great leaps have been made to ensure an experience on par with what you would expect from Madden or NHL. Obviously EA Sports doesn't have as much control over the license as they do with Madden, but they seem to know how to make FIFA the game soccer enthusiasts want to play, myself included.

What do you think of this new stamina and fatigue system Ranters? Are you all for a more authentic experience or would you rather not have to be concentrating on so many stats when you just want to slide-tackle some fools?

FIFA 11 releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PSP, PC, PlayStation 2, and iPhone on September 28th and for the Wii on October 4th.

Source: CVG

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