FIFA 11: Finally Big Changes!


EA Sports has finally made a major change to their FIFA franchise. It's no secret they're the top dogs for the beautiful game, but it's also no secret that their weakness is their lack of customization. FIFA 11 is looking to change all that.

Over the years, we've seen EA add half-hearted features: a few years ago we had a weak team creation which disappeared a year later, and creating players was a slow and limited process. Since FIFA 09 they've taken the right direction with their Be A Pro mode, and now the inclusion of an all new Creation Center will finally have players able to do everything they wanted: easily make entire teams, players and statistics - finally allowing them to rival Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer in terms of customization.

You can finally create your own fully functional football club, with the ability to completely customize rosters, crests, crowd chants and --most importantly -- you can make your team an awesome kit with an in-depth editor. According to EA Sports, these teams will be available for both offline and online play, custom tournaments and friendly matches - so if you want, feel free to hop online when the game comes out and play against The Obama 11.

Much hasn't been released about the actual player creation, but it seems pretty similar to the usual process: there's a General Info tab, followed by Appearance, Style and Attributes. Those with awesome observation skills will notice that some of the text in the above header reveals that anything made on a computer can be downloaded to your console - this is an awesome inclusion that cannot be stressed enough.  The ability to share players around with friends is neat, too - I'm sure we'll see a lot of recreations of local pub teams going around.


An early example of the FIFA Creation Center

With many fans of the series disappointed with the lack of real changes in FIFA 10 (and although World Cup was a nice improvement with gameplay and atmosphere, it failed to provide new content - just lots more of what was already there). It was high-time EA stepped up and delivered something fresh and invigorating for the next generation of the series.

Speaking of said next generation, EA were nice enough to include a release date along with the news: you can expect to see it in North America for September 28 and Europe October 1. It's rarity for a FIFA game to come out here before our European friends get their hands on it, so I'm pretty stoked.

Are you excited by the Creation Center in FIFA 11? How do you think this will impact rival game Pro Evolution Soccer?

Source: Kotaku

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