Gain +5 Defensive Skill In FIFA 11 With This Video

FIFA 11 Defensive Modes Revealed

Scoring goals is only half the battle, knowing is the other half. The third half, is playing defense. This video tutorial from EA Sports' FIFA 11 you'll learn some advanced techniques for keeping the ball out of your net.I didn't realize how deep you could get on defense in FIFA until watching this video. Normally, I just use the standard body check, slide tackle and defensive assist, and it gets me through most games. Now that I've know these techniques, I can't wait to use them on the field. Thankfully I can do that very soon, with the impending release of the FIFA 11 demo.


The only problem that I can see with these techniques is that I feel they are going to take some time to learn. I can already see myself trying to do one of these, it not work as I expect, then just staring at my controller for a minute or two to get my bearings. The controls are as complicated as something you'd find in the Metal Gear Solid series, but I  can see people getting frustrated.

The funniest thing about the video is that half the time, you kick the ball out of bounds. Which can slow the offense down, but rarely stops them. I'll definitely give these moves a chance, but I can see myself going back to my un-Godly slide tackling skill that leaves other frustrated.

While FIFA 11 is still a few weeks away, you can get your fill by creating your player online (if you've pre-ordered from GameStop), watching tutorials like this and checking out the demo that is scheduled to come out on September 15th.

EA Sports’ FIFA 11 comes out for all consoles and handhelds on September 28th in North America, September 30th in Australia, and October 1st everywhere else.

Do you see yourself using these new controls or are you going to stick with the normal tackles? Let us hear it in the comments.

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