‘FIFA 11′ Creation Center Hands-On

Create players and teams right now for FIFA 11

I didn't think I could be more excited for EA Sports' FIFA 11, but I was completely wrong.

If you pre-ordered your copy of FIFA 11 for PS3 or Xbox 360 from Gamestop you now have early access into the FIFA Soccer 11 Creation Center Beta.

The online Creation Center Beta allows you to start creating players and teams that you can bring into FIFA 11 and publish them online - for yourself and friends to use when FIFA 11 comes out at the end of the month.

This online feature has all the basics you need to create a player, including setting up appearance, customizing accessories, attributes, and personality traits.

I created a Forward, but you can create a player at any position, including Goalkeeper.

FIFA 11 Online Create A Player - Appearance

Setting the attributes for a created player also started a controversy between my friends and I.

While some like to create super players with everything set to 99, I prefer a more realistic starting point of the mid-80s player. That way, there is always room to grow, and you're not running around the field like you're Superman. That can easily get boring.

FIFA 11 Online Create A Player - Attributes

The thing that really blew my mind was the Traits and Personality section of the Creation Center.

Here you'll choose Yes or No to statements like, "Player is known for diving to earn a free kick or penalty" and "Player is known for holding onto the ball even when team-mates are in a better position." Its small details like this that, if executed properly, could lead to FIFA 11 getting named Game Rant's Sports Game Of The Year.

FIFA 11 Online Create A Player - Traits and Personality

Obviously, my favorite part of player creation is the chance to pick celebrations. No one in real life just walks away after scoring a goal, at least no respectable superstar. Not only do you get to choose two running celebrations (I picked the "Finger Point" and "Thumb Suck") but also to ending styles (mine are the "Knee Slide Arms Out" and, of course, the "Violinist").

If you pre-ordered FIFA 11 for PS3 or Xbox 360 from Gamestop, the beta site is available to you right now - just enter the code from the pre-order card. If they didn't give you the card, (like my Gamestop) it's worth going back and picking up.

Are you the kind of person that creates a player with all 99s, or do you create a more realistic player? Let us know in the comments.

EA Sports' FIFA 11 comes out for all consoles and handhelds on September 28th in North America, September 30th in Australia, and October 1st everywhere else.

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