Play Like Rene Adler With FIFA 11's Be A Goalie Tutorial Video

Be A Pro Between The Pipes Like Rene Adler In FIFA 11.

Anyone can shoot a ball at a net, but it takes a special player to be able to stop them. Now you can be like Rene Adler here and help take your team to the next level with the chance to Be A Goalie in EA Sports' FIFA 11.

An elite shooter can take you through a season, but an elite goalie can win you a championship. In FIFA 11's 'Virtual Pro 2.0' you now get to perfect your play between the pipes for up to a 15-year career. As the goalie you'll try to kick and punch balls to keep them out of the net and lead your team to a clean sheet.


I'm really interested to play as goalie in this year's FIFA. As a slow, chubby kid, I was pretty much relegated to net minding. So this will be like a home-coming for me.

After watching the tutorial video I'm impressed with the amount of work EA put into this new mode. It looks highly polished and ready for prime time. The inclusion of assisted and semi-assisted artificial intelligence will be of great value for those times you find yourself out of position.

I also really like that you can be a field general when your team is on the other end of the pitch and you're just hanging out all alone.

The last few years I've passed on FIFA because I felt that the game kind of fell into that "roster update" simulationh mode that sports games drop into from time to time. But after playing 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa I'm very excited for this and other significant changes to get me back on the grass in FIFA 11.

The only downside is that Be A Goalkeeper is only available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

FIFA 11 comes out on all systems on September 28th in North America, September 30th in Australia and European Union and the rest of the world on October 1st. Look for the demo to come out on September 15th on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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