Sometimes the road to perfection is paved with good intentions, but every once in a while those good intentions spawn some pretty nasty results. Case in point: a recent patch for Fez, the brain-busting puzzler from developer Polytron and eclectic game designer Phil Fish (a game that received the coveted 5-out-of-5 from Game Rant).

In an effort to fix some of the nagging issues, namely those associated with poor game performance, in Fez, Polytron issued a patch over Xbox Live, but unfortunately, along with potentially improving the game experience, the patch also corrupted many a save file. Microsoft has been swift to respond, however, and have since pulled the patch from Xbox Live.

According to Polytron, the workaround to the patch, for anyone that downloaded it and has found their save file to be corrupted, involves clearing the system cache, but it is unclear whether that will make the game playable or if it will allow gamers to recover their save file. Nevertheless, Polytron has issued an apology on their blog, and say they are working hard to resolve the issue.

This patch for Fez was said to be a pretty substantial one, and promised to fix many of the frame rate issues with the game and clear up a lot of the scenarios that had previously led to the game crashing. With an indie game like Fez there are bound to be hiccups on the road to release, and even with a few faults what was released was not only a fantastic downloadable title, but also one of our favorite games of the year.

Sure, it could have used a few improvements here or there, but those updates would only serve to better an experience that was already pretty great. Hopefully Polytron and Microsoft can resolve the issue swiftly, so those gamers who were experiencing problems post-patch can get back to collecting all of those anti cubes.

Was Fez badly in need of a patch? Are there any Ranters out there who downloaded the patch and found success with the workaround?

Source: Polytron Blog