Fez creator Phil Fish is back in the news, and this time it isn’t because he’s pissed off the Internet. Unless, of course, the announcement of Fez 2 would get anyone all hot and/or bothered, because that’s exactly what has happened.

In a teaser with enough ominous slow-burn and build-up to make Stanley Kubrick proud, which is impressive considering the clip is only 48 seconds long, Fish and the folks at Polytron – which is essentially Fish and one other person – have revealed that a follow-up to the perspective-twisting platformer is indeed on its way. The video description states that the teaser is from both Polytron and Disasterpeace, the latter of whom composed the score for the original Fez and sounds to be doing the same for the sequel.

Unfortunately, the video description also features nothing but question marks for both the release date and any potential platforms. Fish’s vocal irritation with the process of patching games on XBLA and his open negativity on Twitter regarding the original reveal of the Xbox One certainly call into question whether or not Microsoft’s new machine will see the return of the tiny hat-wearing hero.

Fez 2 Teaser Trailer

While there is no doubt that Phil Fish is a polarizing individual among the gaming community, the original Fez received more or less unanimous praise from critics, including our own, and many gamers. Regardless of how players may feel about the man, his work speaks for itself, and a sequel to one of the most lauded games of this generation of consoles should be met with nothing less than rabid anticipation.

What may give eager players pause are the aforementioned question marks regarding a release date. It’s no secret that the original Fez suffered an arduous development and many delays. Those who watched the film Indie Game: The Movie got a glimpse of the stress and pressure of being a two-man operation. After nearly five years in the oven, the game was finally released. Hopefully, the recent announcement of multiple ports for Fez, won’t impede the release of Fez 2, and gamers will be able to get their hands on it before 2018.

Ranters, who’s excited for Fez 2? Is this surprise announcement enough to get you salivating, or are you remaining cautiously optimistic considering the original’s lengthy development cycle? Either way, the series has a lot of potential. If Fish can deliver another hit, it may be enough to silence a few of his detractors.

Source: Polytron

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