Female Thor Gets Video Game Debut In 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'

Thor Puzzle Quest

Although Disney Infinity 2.0 may be the Marvel game receiving the most attention this month, it is certainly not the only gaming option for Marvel zombies. From console games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to mobile tie-ins like Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon, there are plenty of digital adventures (of varying quality) for comic fans to explore. One of the more addicting low-profile Marvel games, Marvel Puzzle Quest, was first to the party this week when it announced it will be patching in the brand-new female Thor.

Marvel's latest hero to pick up Mjolnir and take over Thor Odinson's mantle is a mysterious female warrior. The new character was introduced this week in Thor #1 which, despite being a great read, didn't offer her true identity or any other details about the character. One thing Marvel and the book's current creative team, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, have made clear is that this isn't Lady-Thor, She-Thor, or some other kind of sidekick - this is the real Thor of the Marvel Universe.

Despite some initial backlash from a vocal minority, readers seem to be embracing the new Thor already. Marvel is putting a lot of faith in the new direction of the rebooted Thor ongoing series and to help celebrate the introduction of the new character, D3Publisher will be adding the heroine to Marvel Puzzle Quest as its 52nd hero. The official statement from the creators of the free-to-play iOS and Android puzzle game bragged that it will be the first Marvel game to feature the new Goddess of Thunder.

"Marvel Puzzle Quest will celebrate its one-year anniversary since its worldwide launch on the App Store and Google Play. In commemoration, Marvel Puzzle Quest will be the first Marvel video game to feature the brand new character, Thor: Goddess of Thunder. Thor: Goddess of Thunder will be a legendary (4 star) character reward for Season VII and all players will be able to test her powers in a battle starting on October 17."

Thor Goddess in Puzzle Quest

As if the inclusion of the Thor wasn't exciting enough for comic fans, Puzzle Quest is also rolling out Devil Dinosaur as a playable character. Devil Dino will be available in a special Anniversary Pack. The anniversary celebration will also include special in-game events influenced by a recent poll of the community.

Although both Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Infinity already have the more traditional Mjolnir-wielding hero, it would be great to see the new Thor get some love in those high profile games, as well. Perhaps in a future patch she will make an appearance. Pinball FX2 also seems like a great venue to give the new character some extra attention. The Marvel-themed tables are incredibly addicting and it has been a few months since a new one, Guardians of the Galaxy, has been released.

Which Marvel game would you most like to see the new Thor added to? Do you plan to check out Marvel Puzzle Quest during the anniversary event? Let us know in the comments.


Marvel Puzzle Quest is available for Android and iOS devices. Thor: The Goddess of Thunder will be added to the game on October 17.

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