If you’re a man (or even a woman) who is a nerd, there’s a more than likely a chance you know of Felicia Day. Star of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, guest star on many nerd-type shows like Dollhouse and Eureka, and of course, stars in her own webseries, The Guild.

She’s a busy woman…a beautiful busy, nerdy woman, who can now add videogame character to her resume. Day stars as Tallis, the elf assassin in the Dragon Age II DLC, “Mark of the Assassin,” – and she recently dished out some new details for the upcoming expansion.

Dragon Age II, despite having a few shortcomings (in the form of lack of certain features found in Origins), was still enjoyable (read our review) but was largely a let-down compared to it’s predecessor. EA has even gone so far as to admit that fans were not happy with the sequel. However, BioWare is still keen on supporting their product and doing what they can to ensure Dragon Age II will eventually be a satisfying investment for gamers. If not, we may just have to wait for Dragon Age III. That said, “Mark of the Assassin” will be continuing the trend of recent Dragon Age DLC that promises to add tactical based combat that was lacking in the main game – and a little dose of Felicia Day can’t hurt either.

“Mark of the Assassin” starts the same as “Legacy” – dashing dwarf rogue, Varric Tethris is brought back in to be questioned by the Seeker of the Chantry regarding the Champion of Kirkwall’s exploits. Varric then goes on to describe what occurred with the Champion’s encounter with Tallis, who asks to break into an Orlesian noble’s party to steal an item. The recent DLC trailer showcased Day’s character, an mostly typical rogue – which, despite being a bit plain, will no doubt still have fans excited.

Day had sat down with Joystiq and talked about her character and why she’s drawn to the series and what to expect in the DLC:

“You don’t have to watch the webseries and play the DLC together, but it will give a better insight into the character.

There’s a lot of lore in this, which is why I love Dragon Age.”

The webseries Day is talking about is Dragon Age: Redemption, which will be releasing the same day as the DLC. Expect more dialogue (up to 12 hours were recorded), more big monsters to fight, and 100% more Felicia Day-inspired elf assassins.

Are you looking forward to it?

Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin releases October 11, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: Joystiq