After three years of development, Feenix’s Vitesse gaming mouse releases at an affordable price and proves itself to be a solid, stylish choice for PC gamers.

PC users have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing peripherals for high-powered gaming rigs. Choosing the right keyboard and mouse for the particular gamer’s style, collection, and speed is, to competitive gamers, nearly as important as which GPU is under the hood. Although Feenix isn’t traditionally known for its gaming-centric products, the company has developed a strong reputation in the last year or two for releasing affordable, reliable, and stylish hardware for the PC gaming community.

The Vitesse is the latest mouse from Feenix and the gaming-focused peripheral aims to please thrifty shoppers who don’t want to spend a small fortune, but still seek a high-speed gaming experience. Like all of Feenix’s products, the Vitesse comes in a gorgeous, clean box that puts a focus on the company’s minimalistic style. The Apple-like white packaging houses the sleek, black mouse and isn’t burdened with any install disks or driver instructions. Gamers are able to plug and play with the Vitesse straight out of the box and the mouse’s convenient no-hassle setup is one of its many strengths.

Once plugged in and running, we put the Vitesse through a gauntlet of games including Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and CS:GO. PC gamers will be happy to hear that the mouse performed incredibly well in each of the different environments. The mouse felt the most comfortable in the point and click world of MMOs and adventure games, but also held its own in first-person shooters and was fast enough to keep us competitive.


The first thing many gamers will notice about the mouse is its stripped down layout. If you prefer a mouse that has a 12 button spread, capable of mapping every spell in your raid rotation, the Vitesse likely isn’t the choice for you. Instead, the Vitesse keeps things simple and opts for consistent speed and accuracy over bells and whistles. The mouse has a total of six buttons, but the games that this product is best suited for shouldn’t exceed four mouse commands (including right and left click).

Here’s a breakdown of the specs and features:

  • Standard size gaming mouse
  • Sensor: Avago 3310
  • Sensor type: optical
  • Form factor: ergonomic
  • Approx Size: L:4.5″, W: 2.5″, H: 1.5″
  • Weight: 90g (not including cable)
  • Cable length: 1.55m
  • On the fly DPI adjustments
  • Max DPI: 5000
  • DPI settings: 400, 800, 1800, 3200, 5000
  • Omron switches
  • response time: 2 ms
  • polling rate: 500Hz
  • fps: 6500
  • ips: 130
  • Cable type: rubber
  • LED indicators to display DPI
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • Case includes extra teflon feet

One of the coolest features on the Vitesse is the ability to adjust the DPI sensor on the fly with the two buttons just below the mouse wheel. The color-coded sensor on the left side of the mouse informs gamers which of the settings is currently selected (400, 800, 1800, 3200, 5000). A 5k max definitely isn’t as high as some eSports competitive gamers are accustomed to, but is still more than respectable enough for the average PC gamer.


As for the feel of the mouse, it’s incredibly comfortable. The hardware has a very reliable grip and uses anti-sweat and anti-slip material to make sure that gamers don’t lose control right when it’s time to lock in McCree’s ultimate ability. One of the minor downsides to the mouse’s big, comfy style is that it will feel a little uncomfortable for players with smaller grips. We saw this same design choice with Feenix’s Nascita and it seems to be a consist design choice with the company’s hardware. We’ve certainly gamed with larger controllers and this mouse will be just the right size for players with medium to large grips. Players who opt for the claw approach will have some trouble with this one though.

The Vitesse’s entry-level price and consistent performance make it a great choice for PC gamers looking to add a comfortable, reliable mouse to their collection. It may be a little too stripped down for consumers who like all of the bells and whistles attached to their toys, but what it lacks in flare, it makes up for in style and speed.

The Feenix Vitesse gaming mouse is available now through the Feenix storefront for $59.

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