Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse Review

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In today’s hardware-flooded market, versatility is becoming every bit as important as precision and comfort, as no PC user wants to be forced to swap out numerous keyboards or mice for the task at hand. With that in mind, Feenix has crafted its newest edition of the Nascita Gaming Mouse to offer not just the form and functionality sought by PC gamers, but style suitable for any desktop.

Pairing the Nascita with a similarly-designed Dimora Mouse Pad, can this manufacturer’s boutique approach to accessories win over hardcore gamers?

From the first look at the Nascita’s packaging, it’s clear that Feenix has noted the growing trend in ‘shouty’ gaming accessories, and charted a different course. Selling their products strictly through their online store, the Nascita comes to customers in a small, clean, pristine white box emblazoned with nothing but the company’s (admittedly striking) logo. Inside, the mouse is presented not as a computer accessory, but a high-end digital device; complete with a certificate detailing the name and contact information of each product’s assigned Customer Service representative.

Inspired marketing, to be sure, but a strong way for Feenix to differentiate themselves from the competition. And when the mouse is unpackaged, the hardware itself keeps up the trend.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review

The Nascita doesn’t stray too far from the accepted form factor for larger gaming mice, but its durability and Teflon construction is about as comfortable to the touch as can be hoped. And where most ‘elite’ gaming peripherals seem to embrace a neon color scheme, or give users their choice of the rainbow, Feenix has stuck with a minimal white treatment – again, a sign that their designers know what’s best.

The overall design is an impressive one, with the lights limited to a sharp copy of the company’s logo under the palm, a pair of spotlights to either side of the braided cord and the onboard LED screen. The result is a mouse that looks professional in just about any environment, especially when paired with the Dimora pad.

Looks aside, the Nascita offers a precision and customization that may offer fewer options for the most devoted and discriminating PC gamer, but for those who use their PC’s for business and gaming, it’s fairly worry-free. At a price tag of $97, the Nascita would have to be useful for more than just gaming to be worth the price; with the ability to instantly cycle through dpi settings – using the two buttons placed in the mouse’s middle, and the LED screen on its ridge – from 800 to 8200, switching from spreadsheets to precision FPS’s can be accomplished without the need for drivers or menu settings.

Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse Review

The Specs

  • Feenix in mouse LCD technology
  • Braided USB cord with gold plating
  • 8200 dpi Avago 9800 laser chipset
  • Avago lens
  • 1 ms response time / 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • 12000fps
  • 150 ips
  • 30g acceleration
  • Product weight: 114g net

The only real criticism that could be leveled against the Nascita is that at the standard size of most high-end gaming mice, some small-handed or ‘claw’ users may feel it’s as cumbersome as its competitors. While that’s largely unavoidable, the Nascita is a bit more forgiving than others we’ve tested.

The same high level of construction and style carries over to the Dimora Mouse Pad, engineered from a single-body design and sporting a durable, low friction surface. At 350 mm by 280 mm, the pad offers a sizable work area that is as understated as it is reliable, bringing out the best in the Nascita (as no doubt designed). But in our testing, the Dimora also worked extremely well with a range of mice, so the two don’t have to be considered a package deal.

With the increased precision offered by the Dimora’s hard surface comes some noise that wouldn’t be found with a traditional, soft mouse pad. Consumers willing to overlook that minor audio concern, or spend a large amount of time gaming or working with headphones needn’t worry.

Feenix Dimora Mouse Pad Review

At the end of the day, both the Nascita and Dimora deliver on the expectations that a customer would have of a product at this price. The confidence and pride of Feenix is visible in the packaging, the style, the construction and the versatility of both, and the company has provided the Customer Service channels to back it up. Along with the core functionality and precision that gamers expect from a top-of-the-line mouse.

For anyone looking to invest in a mouse or mouse pad for a home office/gaming space which won’t limit their functionality in either standard or specialized use, this purchase will certainly not be regretted.

The Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse and Dimora Mousepad are available now for $97 and $36 respectively. Read more and order from the official site here.


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