Feenix Autore Gaming Keyboard Review

By | 2 years ago 

Unveiled at CES 2014 in January, the Feenix Autore mechanical keyboard is the latest in Feenix’s line of premium, luxury gaming devices for PC. We previously reviewed the Feenix Nascita gaming mouse which we noted for its modern, almost minimalistic design. That visual aesthetic is taken to the next level with the Autore, which is the sleekest and sexiest mechanical keyboard we’ve ever seen.

Like all Feenix products, the Autore isn’t referred to as a peripheral or accessory. It’s a high-end gaming instrument. For gamers looking for built-in LED screens, backlit keys, and extra Macro buttons – the Feenix Autore may not be for you. Instead, it takes the basic layout of a standard keyboard and makes it the best possible mechanical keyboard, with a beautiful, simplistic design, with all the trademark Feenix detailings.

The Feenix Autore is modeled after the iconic monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and just looking at it on a desk that will become immediately apparent. While simple in button layout and shape, the keyboard’s workmanship and aluminum coating makes it stand out. A closer look reveals cherry MX Brown switches and a gold metal bar running the full length of the unit for durability.  Outside of the cool Feenix logo in the top right, there are no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Feenix Autore Keyboard Full Size


  • Original Feenix Design
  • Feenix Engineering and Workmanship
  • Gold plated mechanical switches
  • Gold metal plate for chassis durability
  • Aluminum coating with silkscreened Feenix font
  • Resistant to water damage
  • Feenix braided cord with gold plating

Unlike most keyboards, the Feenix Autore doesn’t have a built-in wire and instead utilizes a detachable Mini USB to USB cable (included). So if you want to swap the cable, pack up the keyboard, or need that detachable option in case the keyboard gets pulled, you’re set. We actually enjoy that part of it but find the lack of stands at the bottom of the keyboard a missed opportunity. There’s no way to adjust the height or angle of the Autore without throwing some other object underneath it. Thankfully, the keyboard is designed with an angle, but with the Autore, what you see is what you get.

Tech Specs

  • Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Switch
  • Dimensions: 440*137.5*29.8 mm
  • Weight: Around 1200 g
  • Contact Interface: USB or PS/2
  • Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, or Linux

As a mechanic keyboard, the Feenix Autore is designed for smooth, extended use. It feels as luxurious as it looks, making it perfect for our staff who enjoy extended and writing sessions on a daily basis. It’s durable, it’s precise and it’s easy on the wrist and fingers. Did we mention it looks awesome?

The Feenix Autore Gaming Keyboard is available now for $163. Read more and order from the official site here.


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