It’s true.  There is a live action, fan made, feature length (94 minutes!) Mega Man movie.  Written, directed, and produced by one Eddie Lebron, the non-profit film is a great effort for a fan film. But that is really its only distinction.

The first 45 minutes or so are a series of painful character and story establishing dialogues that drag on for what seems like eternity. I mean, I can understand that with the budget available, the cast and crew were trying to make the best of the locations and props available. The acting is what makes it unbearable.

If you’re anything like me, when you think of Mega Man, it brings to mind battles across the huge lairs of the epic Robot Masters, culminating in a showdown with the infamous Dr. Wily. While all of this does take place later on in the film, by the time I got to it I was screaming for a fast forward button.

Mega Man is played by Jun Naito who, an off-chance search of IMDb reveals, surprisingly has acted in films before. The rest of the cast pull off mediocre interactions with one another throughout the movie, and are actually passable as an ensemble.

The real tooth-grinder is one Dave Maulbeck, who plays Dr. Wily. This guy had me banging my head against my desk every time he and his horribly fake mustache appeared on screen. And for the love of GOD, Roll, stop smiling!

After about an hour, the badly paced introductory scenes conclude, and we are finally set up to see some robot warfare. Time to see our Blue Bomber turn some evil robots into scrap metal, right?! Wrong.

The fight scenes are pretty decent, with special effects that actually work well in the context of the movie, and have our hero sequentially smashing his way through each of the Robot Masters from the first game. The main issue is that the fights themselves are so short and poorly choreographed that you wonder,”well, if the acting in the beginning was bad, and the fight scenes are short and lackluster, why did they make this movie?!”

For love of the game, I would imagine. And that’s the only reason I would recommend watching this film. The saving grace of the entire production is the obvious attention paid to the game’s canon- something that would never, ever occur in any studio adaptation. For this, I give the Mega Man fan film 2 Meh’s out of 5.

But don’t take my word for it.  Have a look for yourself, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Screw Attack

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