Electronic Arts reveals the first trailer for Fe, which is one of many indie games the company hopes to produce as EA Originals following the success of Unravel.

After the success of Unravel (which Game Rant loved), EA is attempting to put more focus on supporting indie studios with the EA Originals initiative. The indie friendly branch of EA was announced on stage at EA Play and to kick things off, the company brought out a developer to share some details about one of the initiatives first projects.

The creator of Fe, an indie platformer about our relationship with nature, seemed humbled and nervous to be on the stage at EA’s pre-E3 2016 presentation. Regardless, he described a game that sounds very beautiful and interesting. Fe takes place in a forest and may remind some gamers of Ori and the Blind Forest. Unlike Ori, Fe is all about the sounds of nature. Every creature and object in the forest has a unique sound and the game requires players to become one with the sounds of the forest to progress through the world.

After a brief description of the world, the creator let a short gameplay trailer do the rest of the talking…

The Swedish studio, Zoink, seems to be putting together a very cool project with Fe. The cute protagonist is enough to get anyone interested and the conflict with the mysterious Silent Ones seems like it will introduce some interesting challenges that require stealth and cunning to solve.

If the subsequent projects coming out of the EA Originals initiative looks as promising as Fe, then it seems like we’re in for a renaissance of great indie titles. ┬áIt seems unlikely that every project will be the same kind of emotional home run that Unravel was, but bringing more indies to life is always a good thing.

What do you think of Fe? Will you be purchasing the indie title when it is released? Let us know in the comments.

Fe does not have an official release date or confirmed list of platforms at this time.