New Report Claims Faze Clan Signed Underage Gamer to Contracts

FaZe clan has recently come under fire in the Fortnite and general gaming community, as evidenced by Fortnite Pro Player Tfue's lawsuit against FaZe clan. In addition to Tfue's allegation that FaZe clan exploits its Fortnite players in unfair business practices, new evidence has surfaced that FaZe violated existing regulations that those participating in events must be at least 13 years age when they signed on Fortnite player H1ghSky1 at the age of 11.

In Tfue's lawsuit, to which Tfue has responded in a short video, one allegation involved signing on Fortnite pro H1ghSky1 when he was 11 years old. The allegation also states that "Faze Clan has not only lied about the minor's age, but has also pressured the minor and his family to do so." This would be in direct violation of established labor laws.

Now, there is evidence to support the claim made in Tfue's lawsuit. Contrary to FaZe clan's argument that H1ghSky1 signed a contract with them at 13-years-old, translated posts by the boy's Romanian mother show that she wished him a happy birthday on what would have been his fifth birthday in April of 2012.

Fortnite pro H1ghSky1

His mother also wrote a post to celebrate her anniversary and the importance of her children, which includes "Patriciu," who is described as being 5-years-old at the time of the post. These posts would indicate that the young player, who signed on with FaZe in March of this year, would have been 11-years-old, as the lawsuit filed by Tfue suggests, at the time of his signing in March of this year.

This appears to pose an ethical dilemma for FaZe clan. Given the boy's age would technically disqualify him from Fortnite events, as well as from streaming on YouTube and streaming in a partnership with Twitch. H1ghSky1 has hundreds of thousands of followers on both platforms as it is, so it is unclear how this situation will be resolved from here.

If there's one thing for certain, it is that a negative light has been focused on FaZe clan. Between Tfue's lawsuit with FaZe accusing them of harsh business practices and evidence demonstrating FaZe may have knowingly signed a player on to the clan in violation of age restrictions, FaZe's reputation has undoubtedly been adversely-impacted for at least the near future.

Source: Upcomer

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