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Anyone who purchased the PlayStation VR headset when it launched in October 2016 might have been a little disappointed with the software that's been released for the peripheral so far. However, there are high hopes that ambitious shooter Farpoint, which releases tomorrow, can offer a truly compelling experience for the hardware.

Farpoint was unveiled at E3 2016, and was widely considered to be one of the more exciting projects in development for PlayStation VR. Being a new IP developed from the ground up to take advantage of the hardware, it was a major talking point from a packed Sony conference.

Now, the game is on the verge of release, and critics are giving their thoughts on whether or not Farpoint lives up to its considerable hype. Here are some early responses to the biggest PlayStation VR exclusive to date.

Polygon (Ben Kuchera)

Farpoint may seem basic in a few years, once VR design has progressed past the point of simple shooters. But right now, as developers are still wrestling with the language of virtual reality, it’s tough to get the basics right in any VR game, much less a big budget shooter. Farpoint isn’t perfect, but it nails those basics.

Score: 7.5/10

farpoint combat

Destructoid (Chris Carter)

From start to finish nearly every campaign hit is just a means to an end, an excuse to get from setpiece to setpiece. But the way the story is told through the lens of VR is interesting in and of itself, as cutscenes allow players to look around and experience what's happening, even if you can't alter the events. It's not a wholly unique world worth diving into on a larger scale, but the little spurts of panache here and there were fun to see.

Score: 7/10

USGamer (Mike Williams)

Your job is to dutifully trace their path over the planet, shooting nearly everything that you come into contact with. Here, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller shows off its stuff. First of all, it's far more comfortable than trying to handle both PlayStation Move controllers. It feels right once you have it in your hands and all the major PlayStation system buttons are at hand. I'm glad Sony and developer Impulse Gear went with this instead of a remix of the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter.

Score: 3/5

Eurogamer (Ian Higton)

At its heart, Farpoint is a budget game, sold and promoted as a AAA title. The Aim controller lifts the gunplay above the mediocre but once that novelty wears off it's hard not to notice just how basic everything is.

No score.

farpoint lasers

PlayStation Universe (Kyle Prahl)

Farpoint’s mission to prove that PS VR can host full-fledged video game experiences comes home with a somewhat enthusiastic “Mission Accomplished.” Among its FPS contemporaries, Farpoint stakes a claim merely on how fun and engaging shooting aliens in VR can be. The Aim Controller is a delight--comfortable to hold, near-perfectly tracked, and sensibly designed.

Score: 7/10

All in all, it seems that Farpoint will be an engaging experience for anyone that's been starved of content for their PlayStation VR headset. Most outlets have fallen short of saying that the game is a must-play, but the majority of reviews indicate that it's an enjoyable experience on the whole.

The Aim Controller, which is launching alongside Farpoint and is available in a bundle with the game, has been widely praised — albeit with a couple of more negative outliers. It remains to be seen whether the peripheral will see much support going forward, but this enthusiastic response seems to suggest that it has plenty of potential.

Farpoint doesn't knock it out of the park, as many early adopters of the PlayStation VR headset might have hoped it would. However, it seems like a solid title, and that's better than nothing at this point.

Farpoint launches for PlayStation VR on May 17, 2017.

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