In between Batman VR and Final Fantasy VR, Sony reveals a new sci-fi first-person shooter called Farpoint during its PlayStation VR segment at E3 2016.

As expected, Sony dedicated a portion of its E3 2016 presentation to the lineup of launch games for PlayStation VR. From Star Wars to Batman, it seems like PlayStation VR will have something to offer for just about every type of gamer come the October release date. In between the big franchise that were announced as VR supported, PlayStation also snuck in a new IP called Farpoint.

The sci-fi shooter is developed by Impulse Gear, a studio that was founded in 2013 by former employees of Crystal Dynamics, SCEA, EA, and Sega. The speedy presentation of game after game didn’t leave any time for Impulse Gear to take the stage and talk about the game, so the trailer will have to speak for itself.

Here’s a look at the reveal…

The first three quarters of Farpoint’s trailer plays out a lot like Firewatch in space. The game appears to be about beautiful landscapes and a conversation going on between two people. The correlation to Firewatch comes to a pretty abrupt end once the gunplay starts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Towards the end of the trailer, a giant alien monster that looks a lot like a spider appears and the protagonist is forced to face off with it. The game looks pretty cool from the small preview and the setting seems like a very engaging place to hang out in a VR world. Most of the other games in the VR highlight reel appeared to be short experiences, rather than full games with long campaigns, but the Farpoint trailer didn’t give off that vibe. It will be interesting to hear how long the Farpoint campaign is and what the retail price of all of these VR games ends up being.

What do you think of Farpoint? Is it enough to get you interested in PlayStation VR?

Farpoint is currently in development for PlayStation 4 with PS VR support.