Far Cry Primal's Map is the Same as Far Cry 4's


Newly uncovered evidence suggests that Far Cry Primal re-uses the map from its predecessor , prompting fans to criticize Ubisoft for cutting corners.

The recently released Far Cry Primal offered a different spin on the series' well-entrenched formula, placing players in a Stone Age setting where their guns are swapped for sharpened sticks and animal companions. However, it seems like one element of the game isn't all too different from Far Cry 4.

New evidence seems to suggest that the map used in Far Cry Primal is largely based on that of its predecessor. The similarities between the two are most clear when comparing bodies of water, as is proven by images released by Game Pressure.

It should be noted that, despite major similarities, this doesn't seem to be a copy-and-paste situation. While the heightmap seems to have been recycled between the two games, it's not quite accurate to say that Ubisoft has simply re-used the same setting, as some major changes have been made.

In fact, most players perhaps wouldn't make the conclusion for themselves without seeing the maps side by side. This information shouldn't really be taken as a criticism of the game itself — although it's sure to provide fuel for Ubisoft's tendency to cut corners on some of its releases.

Primal launched to fairly positive reviews in late February, with the bulk of complaints referring to its lack of any major innovation. Though the game is considered to be a side-story, rather than a numbered sequel, it was released as a fully priced title.

This wasn't the case for its predecessor, Far Cry 3 follow-up Blood Dragon. That game re-used elements from the prior game liberally, but given that it was a budget release that made enormous visual and tonal leaps from its launching pad, fans were generally more willing to accept that fact.

There's a question of worth and value to be asked regarding Far Cry Primal. Consumers want more than a simple re-skin of previous content — but, as video game budgets continue to rise, there's a limit to what can be done given the confines of money and time.

Would Far Cry Primal be a better game if it's map was further differentiated from that of Far Cry 4? It's doubtful, but there's a sense that if practices like this are accepted, it will only lead to further shortcuts that might actually detract from the finished product's quality.

Far Cry Primal is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Game Pressure

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