Ubisoft unveils a new trailer for Far Cry Primal which details the Legend Of The Mammoth pre-order bonus, where Takkar becomes a mammoth. Yes, actually.

Ubisoft are just a week away from the launch of Far Cry Primal, and the studio is evidently looking to secure as many pre-orders as it can before the big day comes. Today, Ubisoft released a new trailer for Legend of the Mammoth, a pack of pre-order exclusive bonus content that will net gamers three new missions. Far Cry Primal fans will get to experience what its like to physically become a mammoth, one of the animals that even Takkar himself cannot tame.

While everyone will get an opportunity to ride baby mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers, actually becoming one is an entirely different story. The Legend of the Mammoth’s exclusive content will introduce no less than three new missions into the fold, and their names paint a pretty clear picture of what they’re about: the missions are titled Duel of Beasts, Hunt The Hunters, and The Trapped Elder.

Take a look at the Legend of the Mammoth video below:

As the above trailer shows, the shaman Tensay convinces Takkar to take several sips from one of his mysterious (and consistently blood-filled) elixirs. Vision quests like these are what brought Takkar his animal controlling abilities in the first place, so it’s a logical starting point for any mammoth-based missions to jump off from.

It looks like most of the action will be centered around defeating members of the Udam tribe, who are known for their cannibalistic tendencies. The bloodthirsty tribe became cannibals out of necessity to survive The Ice Age, and have since acquired a taste for their fellow bipeds. It looks like regardless of whether Takkar takes them on as himself or as a mammoth, the Udam tribe will be perpetual enemies through Far Cry Primal. For the moment, it looks like the fire-based Izila tribe will be absent from the pre-order content, though.

It won’t be just human enemies in the pre-order exclusive missions, however, as ‘Duel of Beasts’ will pit players against the mighty rhinoceros. The above trailer shows a furious glowing rhino taking charge in a high-stakes game of chicken against the player’s mammoth, and we’re sure the mission will feature some crunching blows.

The latest Far Cry is a, erm, far cry from what most players will be accustomed to from the series. To help establish some context for players, the studio recently release a Far Cry 101 trailer which helps explain the struggles of the Wenja Tribe, and provide an in-depth explanation about the game’s new prehistoric setting.

Far Cry Primal is expected to stampede into stores on February 23rd for PS4 and Xbox One, and March 1st for PC.