As the release of Far Cry Primal grows near, gamers can now take a look at the first hour of gameplay from Ubisoft’s prehistoric action-adventure title.

Far Cry Primal is now less than a week away, and gameplay clips from Ubisoft’s prehistoric mammoth-rider have been starting to pop up over the last few days. Those not currently sleeping in a cave may have already seen that Far Cry Primal changes up the series-staple gun mechanics with a new focus on visceral melee combat and the ability to control wild animals, all of which is delivered via a narrative spoken in an ancient language.

Gamers interested in entering the mysterious world of Oros themselves can now see the first hour of gameplay from Primal, which introduces the protagonist Takkar to the player and shows why his own band of Wenja have ventured out to find Oros. As one might expect in a Far Cry title, things don’t exactly go well in the beginning and Takkar arrives to Oros solo after a run-in with a sabre-toothed tiger.

Whether players are trotting around as a mammoth or not, it looks like the title will provide a fresh experience while retaining a familiar core Far Cry feel. Take a look at the first hour of Far Cry Primal gameplay below thanks to our good friend NukemDukem:

Last month, we were invited over to Ubisoft to try out some of the late-game aspects, and found ourselves embroiled in a bloody war between the peace-seeking Wenja, the cannibalistic Udam, and the fire-spewing Izila tribes. At some point in the game, players will have a chance to recruit one member from each of the rival tribes, which will grant specific unlockable bonuses to the player.

From what we saw, it looks like Udam will pose as the immediate threat in the beginning of the game (as can be witnessed in the video above), with the Izila tribe providing more of the late game challenge. The latter tribe will be introduced by making a kebob out of one of the Wenja tribesman, which should give a hint about how fire-happy members of the Izila tribe will be.

The above video also manages to go a good look at the first two important Wenja tribespeople that will aid Takkar in bringing the tribe back from the verge of extinction: Sayla and Tensay. Whilst the first is a gatherer who will assign missions and look over the tribe itself, the latter is the shaman who helps Takkar activate his ability to tame and command animals. These abilities allow players to do everything from scout out and attack enemies from the sky as a giant owl, to sending in a bear to attack an enemy outpost and tank most of the heavy damage whilst the player goes for stealth kills.

What do you think about how Far Cry Primal looks, Ranters? Are you planning on picking up the title next week?

Far Cry Primal is due to arrive on February 23 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: NukemDukem