Ubisoft reveals that the day one patch for Far Cry Primal not only included a number of fixes and general game improvements but an entirely new Expert mode as well.

The Far Cry series has been fairly active in the past few years, not only giving fans experiences with mainline games like Far Cry 3 and 4, but also with imaginative and creative offshoots like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Ubisoft is once again mixing up the tried and true formula by sending players way back to 10,000 BC, where vehicles and guns have yet to be invented with Far Cry Primal. With the game having just launched yesterday, Ubisoft is already adding new things to the experience including an expert mode.

According to Ubisoft, Expert Mode is the ultimate challenge for players, modifying a number of elements to push players to test their limits. Obvious changes include player damage being reduced and enemies being smarter, even taking longer to forget when the player hides from sight. Additionally, Takkar, the player character, will have his health cut in half, several weapons will have a reduced aim assist box, and enemies will no longer appear on the minimap by default. Instead, players will need to tag them first.

Far Cry Primal Mammoths

Outside of adding an entirely new mode, this day one patch also tweaks and fixes a few lingering issues with the game including performance improvements, updated lighting, balancing, and animations. Players will also see improved collision detection and a more balanced rewards system for completing quests or earning XP as well.

Expert Mode brings a bunch of changes to how the games works, which will truly test even the most hardcore player. From reduced player aim assists to smarter enemy AI, you’ll definitely need to be on top of your game to handle what Oros has to offer.

Far Cry Primal has taken a different route from most Ubisoft titles. Instead of being revealed via surprise E3 announcement like Watch_Dogs or Tom Clancy’s The Division, Primal was instead revealed only five months ago after the company teased it during a live stream.

Even without the benefit of multiple industry events to show the title off at or a lengthy marketing campaign, the title appears to be doing well with critics and fans alike, providing a Far Cry experience that is just different enough to keep players hooked. With the normal arsenal of guns and vehicles no longer at the ready, players will quickly need to become comfortable with more traditional weapons like the club and bow while also taming wild beasts of the Stone Age.

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Far Cry Primal is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version is scheduled for release on March 1.

Source: Far Cry Primal Blog Post