Far Cry New Dawn Story Trailer Reveals Familiar Face

far cry new dawn story trailer

Last year at The Game Awards, Ubisoft announced with a trailer that it would release a spin-off in the long-standing Far Cry series, titled Far Cry New Dawn. The events of Far Cry New Dawn will take place 17 years after the nuclear catastrophe that took place in Far Cry 5, and it seems that players will be up against a pair of ruthless twins that are causing havoc for the inhabitants of Hope County once more. This week, Ubisoft released a story trailer that gives more details about the narrative of the game.

The Far Cry New Dawn story trailer starts off with the protagonist reminiscing about how things were peaceful for a time after the nuclear event, until the two power-hungry twins showed up and disrupted peace in Hope County. Most of the characters in the game are introduced in this trailer, including the aforementioned twins, new allies from Hope County, and a familiar face.

In a surprising twist, it appears that players will be teaming up with Joseph Seed, the notorious villain of Far Cry 5, in order to defeat the twins. The trailer also shows off some gameplay like fighting alongside animal companions (a hint at the newly introduced epic beast boss battles), some of the post-apocalyptic landscape, combat and weapons, and the new visual palette.

Ubisoft is slowly releasing more details about the game, as the release date is less than a month away. So far, we have 6 minutes of gameplay, some details on the expeditions in the game, and we know that Ubisoft has killed off one of the fan-favorite characters, Boomer. Still, there should be plenty more for Ubisoft to reveal in the coming weeks.

Far Cry New Dawn releases on February 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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