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Far Cry New Dawm Expeditions

Ubisoft is thrusting the world of Far Cry into bold new territory, and that goes beyond the new post-apocalyptic setting of Far Cry New Dawn. To extend the longevity of the game, Ubisoft is introducing a leveling system to both enemies and outposts that will make it harder for players to expand from their home base, Prosperity. While Hope County undoubtedly features many challenges waiting to be beaten, it's within Prosperity that players will find potentially the most exciting new addition to the Far Cry franchise: expeditions.

While most of the inhabitants within Prosperity hail from the midwest, a particularly important one hails from Quebec: Roger Cadoret. He's a helicopter pilot, and his ride - eloquently known as The Big Potato - will be the point of entry for these expeditions. In Far Cry New Dawn, expeditions are a series of closed-world adventures that take place outside of Hope County. Completing them on any of their 3 difficulty levels will net the player rare loot, which can then be used to upgrade weapons or secure improvements for Prosperity itself.

These expedition locations include a Louisana swamp that has taken over a fictional theme park, a decrepit Navajo Bridge littered with abandoned cars in Arizona, and the infamous Alcatraz prison situated on a rocky island. Within them, players must infiltrate an enemy base and steal a package of rare loot. This is where guns for hire abilities come in handy, as characters like Nana can quietly stealth-kill enemies from afar to clear a path. Once players secure the package, however, the enemies will zero in on the player's location. This means it'll be a guns-blazing exit for each expedition, with the player forced to evacuate to the extraction zone for a helicopter pickup.

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay

Making it to the outbound helicopter isn't the end of the expedition, either. An action-packed flying combat sequence will take place during each exit, with the player scoring bonuses by taking out enemies on their way out. There's the potential to unlock extra loot here, rewarding players who dole out damage in the mission's final moments.

While the post-apocalyptic look of Hope County provides an interesting setting, expeditions give Ubisoft an option to throw the player in completely unique locations that may not have fit in within the Hope County border. Beyond this, the closed world sets allowed for the studio to jam-pack each location full of detail in a way they simply couldn't do in an open world environment.

Much like the new outpost difficulty system, there will be three levels of difficulty with expeditions. Raising the difficulty will allow for both talented and better-equipped enemies - and more of them. This encourages players to bring an AI companion, with the mode also supporting online co-op so pairs of friends can help each other out.

Far Cry New Dawn Saw Launcher

The new Far Cry expedition system is designed to run parallel to the main storyline of New Dawn, so they're completely optional. Completing them will net the player rare supplies that can be brought back to Prosperity, where they can make upgrades to weapons and the base itself. These will make the game go smoother in the long run, which should be incentive aplenty for most gamers.

Creative Director Jean-Sébastien Decant wouldn't reveal how many expeditions would appear in Far Cry New Dawn, but he's adamant that there will be quite a few. To that end, increasing each expedition's level of difficulty reshuffles the location of enemies, loot, and the extraction point, giving multiple chances for a fresh experience across each map.

At the moment, it's unclear if any additional expeditions will be added to New Dawn post-launch.

Far Cry New Dawn will release on February 15, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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