Rumor: Far Cry 6 Leaked

Far Cry 5 is one of Ubisoft's best-selling games, and that fact combined with the general popularity of the Far Cry franchise means it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Far Cry 6 is a virtual guarantee, and at the rate Ubisoft pumps out Far Cry games, it will likely release within the next couple of years. That timeline is even more likely if a recent "leak" is to be believed.

This leak comes from 4chan, and so it should be treated with a healthy amount of skepticism. Even so, accurate video game leaks have originated from 4chan in the past, and so it's not out of the realm of possibility that this one is legitimate. At any rate, the anonymous poster posted in a thread about a potential new Splinter Cell game with a list of Ubisoft's studios and what projects they're working on, with Far Cry 6 allegedly in the works at Ubisoft Toronto.

According to the leaker, who we must stress provided no evidence to back their claims, development on Far Cry 6 is being supported by Ubisoft Reflections, which is also working on the recently-revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Skull and Bones. Ubisoft Berlin, meanwhile, is working on a different Far Cry game, suggested to be an online multiplayer spinoff of some kind.

rumor far cry 6 leaked

Here is the list of Ubisoft studios and their projects, according to the Far Cry 6 leaker:

  • Ivory Tower: The Crew 2
  • Massive Entertainment: The Division 2
  • Ubisoft Annecy: The Division 2
  • Ubisoft Barcelona: VR Projects
  • Ubisoft Belgrade: Ghost Recon Breakpoint DLC, Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC, The Crew 2 DLC
  • Ubisoft Berlin: Far Cry 5.5
  • Ubisoft Bucharest: Assassin's Creed KingdomGhost Recon Breakpoint
  • Ubisoft Kiev: Trials RisingAssassin's Creed Kingdom (PC port)
  • Ubisoft Leamington: Assisting Ubisoft Reflections
  • Ubisoft Milan: Rabbids Kingdom 2
  • Ubisoft Montpellier: Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • Ubisoft Montreal: Assassin's Creed Kingdom
  • Ubisoft Odesa: Assisting Kiev
  • Ubisoft Paris: Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Ubisoft Reflections: Far Cry 6, Ghost Recon BreakpointSkull and Bones (vehicle physics and simulations)
  • Ubisoft Shanghai: Skull and Bones
  • Ubisoft Singapore: Skull and Bones
  • Ubisoft Sofia: Assassin's Creed Kingdom
  • Ubisoft Toronto: Far Cry 6

Now the question remains: can this leak be trusted? Like any leak that comes from 4chan, we advise those looking forward to a possible Far Cry 6 to take this information with a massive grain of salt. However, since accurate leaks have come from the site in the past, including leaks about Ubisoft titles, it shouldn't be disregarded entirely.

Luckily, the legitimacy of this leak should be revealed sooner rather than later. Ubisoft will be at E3 2019, and it's there where the company is expected to pull the curtain back on its upcoming projects. If a new Splinter Cell is announced at E3 2019, it will debunk this leak, though we would be surprised if Far Cry 6 isn't still in development in some capacity.

Far Cry 6 is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: 4chan

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