Rumor: Far Cry 5 Out in September, Western Themed

Far Cry 5 Set In Montana Rumor

The next iteration of Far Cry could be out later this year according to new details surrounding a recent Red Dead Redemption 2 rumor. Several days ago a Montana newspaper reported that a live-action trailer was being filmed in a small northeastern town's church. Initial speculation revolved around around the commercial being for Red Dead Redemption 2, what with the setting fitting an old-west theme. However, new details pertaining to Ubisoft's past interest in the west as a game setting have changed the rumor's direction.

Firstly, the search for new information on the Montana commercial rumor began after Jason Schreier of Kotaku made the following statement:

"This is all very vague so I don't want to put the wrong pieces together and make an educated guess that turns out to be incorrect, but just to help prevent too many people from getting excited, I don't think this is RDR2; I think it's the next game game in a different series that I've heard is set in a location that sounds a lot like this. Rockstar doesn't do live-action trailers, after all."

From there, YouTuber Silentc0re put together a list of new details speculating that the live-action trailer was in fact for a new Far Cry title. While his evidence certainly isn't concrete, it's worth taking into account.

The trailer itself is being directed by one Jeff Guillot, who has in the past done trailers for Ubisoft properties including Driver and Red Steel 2. It's Jeff Guillot, in an interview with the Great Falls Tribune, who says that the game he's making the trailer for will launch in September. He also makes clear that the game is a "sequel" in an "existing global franchise." Guillot also mentions that the game is set in an imaginary location, which may or may not work well with this rumor.

Further contributing details stem from past Ubisoft actions. For instance in 2015, Ubisoft ran a survey considering a "Western Theme" for a future Far Cry title. Also in 2015, Ubisoft apparently spent weeks in Big Sky Country interviewing locals in order to best portray Montana in an upcoming game. The connections are admittedly tenuous, but there's still evidence pointing towards Ubisoft working on a western game, whether it be Far Cry or another property.

The last detail worth considering is more recent. In Ubisoft's recent fiscal reporting, they confirmed 4 major AAA releases between now and the end of the fiscal year. One of those titles is certain to be Assassin's Creed, which has previously been confirmed for a fall 2017 launch. South Park's sequel may or may not be one of the games referred to. Otherwise, the rest are left to speculation. A main franchise Far Cry title from Ubisoft Montreal is certainly due, though.

Put together the details and it hardly makes for any sort of certain conclusion. There's just not tangible evidence of a new Far Cry's development. And in all fairness, putting out a major Far Cry title near to the new Assassin's Creed launch isn't something you'd expect from Ubisoft. For now, this rumor remains in flux. If there's going to be any confirmation from Ubisoft, it's likely to come in the next month as E3 2017 approaches in early June.

Source: Silentc0re

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