In a couple days, fans of Far Cry 5 will finally be able to get their hands on a game that promises crazy DLC including Vietnam, Zombies, and Space. However, it appears that crazy missions still occur throughout the upcoming action-adventure first-person shooter. One of these missions has the main character searching for an alleged “pee tape” – a reference to President Donald Trump (R).

For those unaware, this reference alludes to an unverified dossier that focused on potential collusion between Trump and Russia. Allegedly, the tape contains the President hiring prostitutes to perform golden showers for him during a stay in a hotel room in Moscow, Russia. Although this dossier has never been verified and this tape may not actually exist, that doesn’t prevent Far Cry 5 from creating its own take.

In-game, the side mission is entitled, “Patriot Acts.” The mission begins by speaking to a “special agent” who claims to be sent by the “Big Man.” He insinuates that a member of the antagonist’s family has the tape and sends the player to retrieve it. Although the in-game mission concerning the pee tape is a clear reference to the dossier, Ubisoft smartly adapts the events to fit into Far Cry 5. Check out the “Patriot Acts” mission below:

Nevertheless, the references to current events, with several metaphors and references to the dossier throughout the mission, such as “attention comrade, the bed has been wet,” “yellow brick road,” and “wet works.” The mission ends upon retrieval of the VHS tape, with the agent going back on his deal. Far Cry 5, which can be beaten in five minutes, may very well be showing its political hand with this storyline, but it is nevertheless a funny and satirical mission befitting the series.

Still, with Far Cry 5 set to release in a few day’s time, players likely have their focus on all the game has to offer, not just one mission. With the reveal of its achievement and trophy list, gamers who have been following its development may already know how easy it appears to hit 100%.

Far Cry 5 releases March 27, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon