Far Cry 5 Fan Recreates Resident Evil 7 House In Game


Not only does Far Cry 5 have a lengthy story campaign and a large open world to explore, but it also comes with a rather comprehensive level editor that allows fans to create and share their creations online. This level editor, known as the Arcade, has been used to create some pretty impressive stuff, like maps from Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. Besides multiplayer maps, though, there have been some cool homages to single player games as well, with one of the most notable being a recreation of the Baker family house from Resident Evil 7.

The map, created by Far Cry 5 player wim_buytaert, serves as a recreation of the beginning of Resident Evil 7, when Ethan first arrives at the Baker family plantation. Players are able to walk through a wooded area and come upon the smaller Baker family house, complete with a creepy swingset in the yard.

Check out the map right here:

Unfortunately, players aren't able to explore the interior of the house, and the experience is rather short, lasting less than five minutes overall. Even so, it's a rather spot-on recreation, and could still be amusing for fans of Resident Evil 7, especially those that played the Beginning Hour demo a hundred times in search of dummy finger clues.

Exploring the outside of the Baker family house isn't the only creepy thing players can experience in Far Cry 5. The game has a number of nods to the supernatural, including missions that point to alien abductions, the possible existence of Big Foot, and references to Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's It. If all that weren't enough, the game also has a "haunted house" to explore as well.

While there's plenty of spooky stuff to see in the main game, wim_buytaert has shown that there's also a lot of potential for players to make horror-themed levels with the Arcade level editing tools. It will be interesting to see what else fans of Far Cry 5 manage to dream up in the coming months.

Far Cry 5 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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