Far Cry 5 Trailer and Release Date Revealed


Just a week after Far Cry 5 rumors started to swirl the official trailer and release date are here to make things official. The rumored Montana setting seems to have been correct, but players are not in the wild west at all. Instead, it seems like the protagonist will be stuck in the middle of an incredibly frightening and violent religious cult in modern rural Montana. In true Far Cry fashion, the larger than life antagonist is truly terrifying.

There's a lot to unpack in the first Far Cry 5 trailer, including the inclusion of some small planes that look like they'll be a ton of fun to fly over the giant map, but the most exciting reveal for many fans will be the release date. Far Cry 5 will be available on February 27, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.. That may come as a slight disappointment to some shoppers who were holding out hope for a holiday 2017 launch, but they'll just have to wait a few extra months before diving into this survival adventure.

Here's a look at the reveal trailer...

The game's setting looks absolutely stunning in the trailer and the first thirty seconds or so really take their time and give viewers a chance to soak in the game engine footage. As expected, things take a turn for the bombastic during the second half of the reveal, but that is equally entertaining. It's a little jarring transitioning from the dark, creepy narrative of the first half of the trailer to the fun, action-filled second half, but that kind of sums up the Far Cry experience pretty well, doesn't it?

In terms of gameplay mechanics, we seem to get a quick hint of hunting, fishing, off-roading, shootouts, and a few extra seconds dedicated to small aircraft flying. Flight has existed in other Far Cry games on a different scale, but the trailer may be suggesting that it will play a bigger role this time around. If the open world map ends up being incredibly large, that might be part of the way players will get around Hope County.

What do you think of the Far Cry 5 trailer? Do you plan to pick the game up in February? Let us know in the comments.

Far Cry 5 launches on February 27, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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