Far Cry 5: Surviving The NPCs of Hope County, Montana

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Just like the company did last year with Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft is announcing previously unrevealed games prior to next months annual E3 event. Earlier today, Far Cry 5 was formally announced, showing off the new location set in Montana and highlighting the antagonists known as Eden's Gate and its leader, The Father. To give a better sense of the inspiration and gameplay players can expect, Executive Producer and Creative Director Dan Hay sat down to talk about these details and more.

Unlike previous games which featured one strong primary villain, Far Cry 5 features a cast of antagonistic characters known as The Family. Each member has their own unique personality and agenda that the player will need to deal with, alongside some other notable NPC characters who join along for the ride. Ubisoft sought to create these fully fleshed out characters that the player can come across and interact with to help make the world feel more real and lived-in.

In the video, Hay mentions that the studio always had a desire to bring the series back to the United States, where bringing players to a location that feels familiar makes the experience feel more exotic than a location that's hundreds of miles away. Interestingly enough, these ideas were reinforced further after spending time in Montana, where developers actually met a lot of different folks who gave off the impression that they could take care of themselves. Common themes of wanting to be left alone, not trusting the government, and wanting to do things themselves resonated with the team and reinforced the idea of being in the frontier.

The franchise is well known for its unique and over the top personalities with villains such as Pagan Min and even Vaas Montenegro, and Far Cry 5 doesn't appear to be in short supply on interesting people either. A trio of videos shows off some of the residents of Hope County players will be interacting with starting with Nick, a pilot who's looking to protect his family from the religious zealots of Eden's Gate. The Spread Eagle bartender Mary May is shown creating Molotov cocktails to defend herself from the Eden's Gate "protectors" who have already hurt her family in the past. Lastly, Pastor Jerome is seen reminiscing at how the folks of Hope County used to be like, before The Father of Eden's Gate moved in and led the population down a dark path.

What do you think of this latest entry so far and its location taking place right inside the United States? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments.

Far Cry 5 launches on February 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft – YouTube

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